See Spot Shine: Training for Dogs and Their Humans

See Spot Shine

training for dogs & their humans

Science-based for results
Gentle for your & your dog's well-being

I am amazed, quote from client


The 3-Rescue Sit
The Triple-Rescue Sit

Make good behavior fun for your dog.
She'll love you for it, and love learning, too.


Hugo in the Leaves


Lula and Friend



Thank you for your interest.

See Spot Shine is no longer accepting new clients. Barbara is on sabbatical in Toronto!

Training in the Berkshires

Leea Foran, CPDT, CDBC offers a broad range of fun classes for Spot. Private training programs, Reiki, TTouch & pet sitting are also available:

Need Help Choosing a Trainer in Another Area?

The American Veterinary Society on Animal Behavior (AVSAB) and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) provide valuable guidelines on how to choose a trainer:

AVSAB: How to Choose a Trainer
APDT: How to Choose a Dog Trainer

Locating a Trainer

APDT Dog Trainer Search by Zip Code

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