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Bertie Wooster

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"Barbara was for our Roxy like Annie Sullivan was to Helen Keller. After living more than half her short life in a shelter, Roxy knew nothing, had no agency and was a fearful and timid dog. Like Annie Sullivan drawing the word 'water' in Helen Keller's hand while water streamed into it, unlocking the world of language to her, Barbara taught Roxy that she could learn, that she had some control over her environment, and in so doing, unlocked a smart, training-eager, confident dog, helping Roxy to transform into a relaxed, happy, wonderful animal."

—Sandy Camper, NY


"We both found your approach, your specific problem-solving and your patience to be so incredibly helpful. It is clear that you're one of those people who we meet in life who are doing what they are born to do, who are thriving in their work; you have a deep understanding and commitment to this training which communicates such calm and sureness to us, the nervous dog owners. We have you on speed-dial, absolutely sure you can work with any problem with friendliness, energy, and interest."

—Peggy Diggs, MA


"Barbara helps us to understand our puppy and how he sees things. It has been very interesting learning how a puppy thinks. It has been truly a learning experience.

She has patience with us humans. She always goes the extra mile to answer our questions and concerns. She was there for us when we lost our previous dog our beloved Shadow.

Barbara, unquestionably, has great understanding of animal behavior. We are blessed to have Barbara in our lives to assist us in raising Duke to be a loving adult dog.

Thank you Barbara for all you have done for us."

—Mary, James, Patrick and, of course, Duke King, VT


"I recently took a 'Family Manners' class with Barbara Tran, CPDT-KA, PMCT at the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society. I just adopted a year-old Maltese mix from the shelter. Bertie has a wonderful personality but had no training. I highly recommend this class to both new and experienced dog owners. Although I have trained several dogs in agility, this class gave me a whole new set of skills to work with my new dog, as well as with my 14 year old! Barb is very knowledgeable and combines concepts of learning with actual hands on work. She is very patient and never blames the dog or the handler for issues. Instead she works with you to develop strategies to overcome your obstacles. Barbara also provides excellent handout materials that you can refer to after class. After just 6 classes, Bertie knows sit, down, come, and will sit and wait for his food. We’re still working on stay and roll over, but I know it will come. The class was not only educational, but a great deal of fun. The limited class size allows Barb to work individually with each dog and owner. You won’t be disappointed!"

—Lorraine McCann, Bertie Wooster & Ditto, NY

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